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Draco Chocolate Shop(尊品)推出獨一無二的酒心朱古力,具有王者氣派的釣魚臺尊品酒結合享負盛名的比利時純黑朱古力,炮制出獨特的軟心朱古力。 當打開包裝盒,清淳的醬香酒味撲鼻而來,入口品嚐時,特濃的比利時純黑朱古力不但質感幼滑,更濔漫著香濃的酒味,但又不失比利時純黑朱古力的香味,必定令人一試難忘!

When Chinese white wine meets Chocolate from the western culture, its multi-cultural combination produces an unexpected surprise!

Draco Chocolate Shop (尊品) presents the one and only chocolate liquor with the signature Chinese baijiu -- Diaoyutai ZunPin Bajiu. It combines into black Belgian chocolate, creating the unique soft-centered chocolate liquor. When the packaging is unwrapped, the scent of the flavoursome liquor immediately comes out. With a bite of the chocolates, its smooth and creamy texture melts into the rich flavor, but not losing the aroma at the same time, giving people the most unforgettable experience.


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