Draco’s Signature 尊品朱古力


Draco Heart Chocolate Liquor
The outer layer is made of pure Belgian black chocolate, which is crispy but easy to chew. The inner layer is wrapped with soft-centered chocolate combined with the Diaoyutai Zunpin Baijiu, which melts in the mouth and penetrates the strong aroma of biujiu. It forms a perfect combination with the smoothness of the chocolate.

Draco’s Signature 尊品朱古力


Draco Ball Truffles chocolate Liquor
The mixture between black chocolate and the Diaoyutai Zunpin Baijiu creates the perfect chemistry to truffles, which makes the texture of the chocolate smooth and creamy. When it melts in your mouth, the baijiu and the chocolate bring a strong aroma at the same time.


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